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6490, OR July 2020

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Don't know
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

This was where we chose to camp for our multiple summit trip, just at the northern base of the mountain, in a nice forested flat, just a jog up RD 105, the road is blocked a little further up. Where we camped is also about where you want to hike up the summit. Nice hike but we got really tangled up going down the mountain too far down the NW ridge rather than the face of the ridge and were caught in solid buck brush. Check satellite images to avoid, if you avoid this its about a 1.75 mi RT hike in a mixed forest with lots of Sugar Pine in a blanket of Indian Paintbrush. Plenty of choices to set up at.

Our first night we had a mama cinnamon bear and 2 cubs tearing apart a log just across from us. Fun to watch. Then the next morning 2 dark black bears mosey through the same area! No problems. We are now calling this mountain Five Bear since it has no name. We saw more bear this trip than humans! de AG7GP


Take RD 3724, right on RD 011, right Rd 105