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7156, OR July 2020

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This was meant to be the last of our 3 night expedition (although I did manage to sneak one more in :) ). This summit was not in my notes but on our way out after packing up camp, we decided to at least take a peak. It was a nice morning hike. Lots of wildflowers. Plenty of area to set up. There is also a large domed rock to view to the east on I guess would be it's false summit. There was also a lot of hooting from the blue grouse.

Take Cougar Saddle/RD 3724 then we worked our way down 3724 266 until the buck brush was too bad. walked down the road a little ways and looked for a clear area to start climbing. I recommend taking a close look at satellite images to avoid areas of thick brush you could get tangled in. We parked pretty much where the road ended due to overgrowth and there was an old barbed wire fence that went up the summit. This helped as a guide of having an open forrest area verses the brush. We zig zagged up clearings of the west side. About 2 miles RT.


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