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Bald Mountain November 2020

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Don't know

Another Bald Mountain on my list. I swear we need a S2S Party just for summits with "Bald" in the name! Easy drive to summit but not really any view, just a nice park-like area. Beautifully timbered, relatively flat summit top. Easy to set up. I had zero service here. Might of had texting if I set up on the west edge but I almost always go for the east side. I had trouble hitting RBN and being found. 40m rescued me and I was able to get several QSOs once found.

From Hwy 62, take FS RD 64, Then RD 200. A little bit rutty but not horrible. This was 2nd summit of the day to Olson Mt. There are two lookouts on neighboring peaks, we drove to check out White Point Lookout because my mother in law (wo)manned the lookout back in the 50s. It has been rebuilt since then.

Anytime in this area of Prospect/Crater Lake I recommend getting a bite or drink at Prospect Trophy Club. Co-owned by fellow ham KG7HJ Dave, and they have a great burger!

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