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Olson Mountain OR November 2020

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Olson is a near drive to summit. Find a good spot to park on the side of the road and find a good opening in the timber and brush to get to the top/AZ. The road may even be in the AZ but I went a bit higher. Ample area and trees to set up and logs to sit on. We took the Butte Falls Hwy to Cobleigh Rd to Medco B Rd. All gravel roads were well maintained.

When we finished Olson, we continued on Medco B Rd until we reached Butte Falls/Prospect Rd and went left to Prospect, then to another summit-Bald Mountain. Between the two is the town of Prospect and I recommend getting a bite to eat at Prospect Trophy club, they have a great burger and KG7HJ, Dave (pro tower climber), and his wife run the restaurant. I highly recommend stopping by anytime you're in the Crater Lake area!

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