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"3980"(2), OR November 2020

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This was #3 of 3 outside of the town of Rogue River I did on a day trip. This was quite a climb but not as bad as the one prior (W7O/SC-229). The hill is steep with no trail other than by wildlife but there is quite a bit of open, grassy, pine needled areas rather than brush and rock like the first two today. There was a lot of bear sign up here but I did not see any. Due to time (and bears), I did not go to the very top but activated in the AZ on the SW facing side that was very open and had a great view of Applegate Valley. Above it appeared to be very thick brush with bear tunnels I didn't care to get cozy in. I had little cell service here, only spotty texting, might be better if you are on the RR side. This was about 1 mi RT with about 600' gain.

This summit completed a successful but difficult day of hiking 3 summits along one ridge between Rogue River and Applegate Valley. I think I completed just under 2000' of gain in pretty short paths up between the three.  I am in awe of the beauty that lies hidden in our area and feel so fortunate to be exploring every little pocket!

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SC-229 and SC-242 from walk down SC-228