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Baldy Peak, OR February 2021

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There are a couple ways to get to Baldy Peak and I think I took the longer route with more gain. I really wasn't sure if I would get this high with snow levels so didn't even pay attention to the other but when I was there a couple others were on trail too from the other side. You will have to go off trail to do the final climb which is a little crumbly and steep. I chose the ridge line partly in some vegetation so the ground didn't slide so much. It was overcast but I can tell it has a fabulous view. Wasn't bad even with the clouds. I took the Charlie Buck/Baldy Peak Trailhead. It ended up being about 1600' gain in about 1.1 miles up. Pretty steep but a good trail. There was poison oak too but not too bad.

My route was Upper Applegate Rd to RD 20 and the turn for the trailhead is well marked on the right. Next time I go I will be trying it from the south entrance of the trail, Mule Creek/Baldy Peak TH, it looks about the same distance but half the gain. de AG7GP