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Grayback Mountain, OR June 2021

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For my 2 year SOTA-versary and birthday this week I wanted to do something special,a couple days early because the wx looked perfect, I decided to try Grayback Mountain (W7O/SC-001) the HP for Josephine Co and South Coast that had never been activated. This was also my 50th First Activation. The hike was amazing with variety. You start your ascent on trail in a forest with giant timber and streams to cross, then reach a cabin/snow shelter, from there you start climbing up an open lush meadow gushing with springs and snow melt, then finish the last 1000' climb up rocky scramble and boulder climb. A little of everything, I was just awe struck with the beauty up close and clear to the horizon. 360 view. The total hike up was about 2800'ft gain in 2.5mi. Maggie had a little challenge on the boulders and also took a ride glissading down a drift. A solder joint came loose on my bnc transformer for my antenna so I ended up with only a couple hf qsos so I apologize to those who were waiting for this -001. But I assure you, this will be on my annual list of activations and is in my top 3 of favorites. The beauty surpassed any disappointments. It was a great early celebration!  Follow any navigation to O'Brien Creek Upper Trailhead. Pretty self explanatory and well marked. Last mile of road is a little rough. I was advised from locals to go off main trail to the Grayback Shelter (there is a shot up sign at the fork) and then just ascend up through the meadow which will become a scramble then boulders up the ridge. There are sensitive plants so I took the advice also to stay to the left side near the timber most of the trip up, it may be just as good to the right side of the meadow too, not sure. I have a lot of great pics but they are too big for here, hard to upload de AG7GP