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Indian Creek Baldy, CA June 2021

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Indian Creek Baldy, I found out after reaching the top and reading the notepad in a jar, is the highest point of the Scott Bar Mountains. It is an amazing 360 view of the Northern California area, including Shasta, Scott Valley, Marble Mountains and more. It is a short but difficult climb up.

There may be easier routes but the roads are pretty rough up on the ridge and I went for the climb from the WNW spur road 45N51B. I was coming from the west after I did summit 6026-NW145. Maps show a road, 45n54Y on the south ridge that would maybe get you started a little higher and less steep but it wasn't worth the drive around the mountain to me. If coming from the Deadwood Crk Rd this might be a better option? Or you can even do a little bit longer walk from the main road intersection up the NW ridge. I was where I was, so started hiking.

A steady, steep climb up scree and medium rock, but it was a bit soft so it made footing a bit easier. 975' in .5 mi so it is not for everyone. Pay attention to some significant rocky cliffs to be sure not to get caught having to navigate below. Exposed summit with a few trees and large brush, easy to set up but was windy. Coming down I made sure to have my treking poles and carefully hiked down, somewhat glissading  on my heels with each step down. Much faster than the hike up!

If you make it to this one, I recommend W6/NW-145 near it. Its an easy 6pts.

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