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Cherry Peak, OR Oct 2021

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Another one I have wanted to get over to do before the snow comes. The area is magical this time of the year with the aspen turning around the basin. The hike was pretty difficult. Combination of bushwacking in tall brush, lava flow, and down trees. I parked SW of the peak, near where there once was road 3519-700, still on some maps. I was trying to beat an incoming storm and it got very windy but my big dilemma was I got to boulder climbing to the peak, just past the AZ and my dog would not go further. The rock combined with bush was too much for her and probably me too being alone, so we set up about 20 ft into the AZ, also trying to shield from the wind. Not the easiest set up in the steep boulder face of the summit. If I go again, I will probably hike up the SE side hoping for less bushwacking and safer trip up, and hopefully will reach the top. I am guessing the summit view is nice. Going up you can get a few nice views of Pitt and other SKy Lakes summits.

Take Hwy 531, W. Side Rd. and turn west on 3519 and pretty self explanatory. Very decent road when I went.

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