Treacherous Trail

Trail requires special care due to difficult or technical obstacles
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Spence Mountain, OR | May 2024


The Spence Mountain Trail climbs about 1800 ft in 7 miles. Its not ever terribly steep but climbs steadily without much relief. There are plenty of gorgeous views to the South and West.

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The mountains near Marble Mountain hold snow for longer at a lower elevation than other nearby mountains, so keep that in mind. Even at 2600 feet elevation, which is pretty low, there was still 2 feet of snow on the road all the way up to where I left the road to bushwhack the rest of the way to the summit. 

There is a bridge out but someone has laid the guardrails from the old bridge across the creek and that works for crossing on foot. You could carry a bike across if needed. 

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termination point wa | november 2023


Summary - Termination Point, near Old Man Pass Sno Park (west of Indian Heaven Wilderness) is an easy drive from Portland by way of Carson. If you don't want much of a hike, you can drive up most of the way after turning from NF31. Just stop along the way wherever you decide that the giant mudholes or the sound of paint being scratched is more than you can bear. The final summit hike is very steep (trekking poles are a good idea) if short.  ATT cell service is servicable, APRS is good, two meter contacts unlikely.

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Rock Peak, WA | Oct 2023


There are several trip reports available for Rock Peak, WA. I used: which had correct directions.  It is also accurate about the hike up being a short, steep, slippery ascent with medium density forest floor brush. Peakbagger has several other reports (

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Pansy Mountain, OR - October 2023


Pansy Mountain has not been activated since the 2021 fires.  I originally intended to do both Pansy Mountain and Bull of the Woods, but I did not get an early enough start for a late autumn hike.  Getting there is straight forward.  A high clearance vehicle is helpful for a couple of sections, but it is probably not absolutely necessary.  Follow the directions from the Forest Service:

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Birkenfeld Mountain, October 22nd 2023


Getting There: DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS TO GET HERE!!!! Google maps will lead you straight to a gated road. Have your GPS open or a map next to you while you try to navigate this. From highway 14, turn North on Rock Creek Driver like you're headed to Skamania Lodge. Continue half a mile and then turn left on Foster Creek Road. Next turn left on Red Bluff Road which will become CG-2000. Continue a little less than a mile until you see the intersection with CG 2022 splitting up the hill to the left.

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Summit 6389 (near Dog Lake)


This no-name summit just East of Dog Lake was the last of of three activations during the Annular Eclipse weekend of October 2023.

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5220 (Watson Ridge), OR | July 2023



Here is a link to the route we (KC7JNU, KK7DAK, KK7IUD) followed to and from the peak as well as additional data; there is a screenshot below of the same route. As can be seen, we started and ended our route to the north of the peak.

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spud mountain wa | september 2023


Summary - A short but very steep scramble up game trails will get you to the top of this very visible summit in the Toutle Range.

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Peak 4700, WA | Sep 2023


Just east of Mount Rainier National Park and north of Highway 12 is this bushwack activation.