Treacherous Trail

Trail requires special care due to difficult or technical obstacles
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Wagner Mountain, OR | April 2018


Update (5/18): Private Property Alert!

I received a note from Doug W7ZV letting me know that I had crossed private property on my hike to Wagner Mountain. In fact the SUMMIT of Wagner is apparently private property, owned by Young Life's Washington Family Ranch. The river map I was using did not indicate this, and there are no private property signs in this remote area. In short, I had no way of knowing that I would be entering private property on this hike.

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Peak 8029, MT | July, 2017


0.7 miles (+940 feet, -190 feet) from saddle; 12.2 mile approach from Dearborn TH

We made this part of a 4-day backpacking trip that included W7M/CL-057 (Peak 7676) and W7M/CL-008 (Caribout Peak).  See also the trip reports for these summits.  The trip report for W7M/CL-082 describes trailhead parking at the Dearborn Trailhead & the initial portion of the trail to our campsite on the Continental Divide between Blacktail Creek and the Lander’s Fork.

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Blue Ridge, OR | February 2018


Ten miles from Tillamook and off Highway 6 there is a near drive-up summit – Blue Ridge. The road is a bit rough in places but should be okay in a carefully driven passenger vehicle. Don’t confuse this Blue Ridge with W7O/SC-202 Blue Ridge near Coos Bay. The hike is short but steep 0.2 miles.

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Birkenfeld Mtn, WA | September 2015


Birkenfeld Mountain is a summit best done as part of a one-way traverse that would include Three Corner Rock-W7W/LC-101 and Greenleaf Peak-W7W/LC-104.

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Green Mountain, W7O/CM-109, access issues


Green Mountain, W7O/CM-109, is a two-point summit above the Calapooia River drainage in Oregon. It is 4505' asl and has a lookout tower on top. At least one hiking internet site said that it should be open to access by the public. I downloaded the Google Maps directions to it and headed off Thursday morning, May 18, 2017.

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Peak 4620, OR (Cramp Butte) | February 2017


Peak 4620 is a backcountry snowshoe activation that can be done in the winter if you don't mind using a GPS and are comfortable with off-trail navigation.

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Eureka Peak, OR | March 2017


A first activation of Eureka Peak on snowshoes turned out to be quite a workout. The basic climb description is about 2.5 miles one way and 1200 feet of gain, but the real work is off the trail with the last half mile being particularly steep. Since there is no trail to the top this would be difficult to do without snow cover.

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Multorpor Mountain, OR | February 2012


The name Multorpor comes from Multnomah County + Oregon + Portland.

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Schreiner Peak Activation, Oct 22, 2016


Let's just get this out of the way. Schreiner Peak is a beast. On the web you
can read many accounts of how difficult reaching this peak is. They're true.

Getting to the trailhead for Schreiner Peak is straight forward. I suggest you
follow Etienne's (K7ATN) excellent directions to reach the Pansy Mountain
trailhead. Specifically, you need to get to the Pansy Lake Trail #551.

Hike up the Pansy Lake Trail. You will pass trail #550 on the left. After Pansy