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Wocus Butte, OR March 2022

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A cluster of summits  in the northern Klamath Basin have been on my list for a while but it is quite a drive and wildfires and smoke have also stopped me. However, with the limited snow, I thought I would see if I could make it work for Wocus and Little Wocus Butte before the end of winter bonus, making the day trip a bit more worth it. It took a little bit of effort and luck to make it happen. This summary is for both since I did both in one day and encourage others to possibly give it a try too.

We accessed Little Wocus by taking 97 to Kirk Rd/FS 43, then RD 550 to the left, keeping to the eastern side of the summit. We hiked up the SE ridge which ended up being 1.5mi RT. The hike was pleasant, up a pumice mountain with tall pine and brush. Some brush to navigate around but very doable. Coming down we found a little more openings on the east side.

Little Wocus has an amazing view looking down at the flats and the distant mountains such as McLoughlin and towards CLNP too. A pretty plain mountain until you reach the top where there are some amazing rock formations too. Plenty of space to operate.

From Little Wocus we took RD 550 down and north towards Klamath Marsh along the west side of Wocus Butte. We saw one herd of elk! We ended up having to remove some windfall, we weren't sure if we could with our Honda Passport but succeeded. Another mile down the road was a large windfall but to our luck a guy with a chainsaw had just arrived at it too and cut it. Otherwise it may have been the end of our day. We took the road up the north ridge (RD 5558?). The road requires high clearance due to cut off manzanita in the road, it will tear up the underside of a low car, and it is a bit rutty.

We parked at the north peak which is also in the AZ and we were not disappointed! What an amazing view of Mt. Scott and Dutton Ridge. Not only that, we had bald eagles overhead doing acrobatic displays. Plenty of room to set up.  We tried to exit off the west side but there was too much snow. It was worth the detour to Klamath Marsh coming back down. Great view of Mt. Scott and Thielson, birdwatching, etc. There was little water this year so basically a field of reed but still beautiful. Be sure to have good navigation on the roads in this area or you could easily get lost.

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