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Willow Creek Mountain, CA Aug 2023

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

I did Willow after Ball. It is a trek up through the timber, navigating up a ridge around the lava rock and trees. Not bad at all. See my tracks. On top it is a little tight to set up because of the steepness and rock and brush but very doable in the AZ.

I have gone up to Willow off FR 70 up 46N12 then 46N11 from the east side or the same through road coming from the north entrance. I vaguely remembered the first option to be very rocky but I am not sure if one is any better than the other. I park at about 41.81376, -122.22916 and hike up the east ridge. Stay on the ridge. North is very steep, south gets very rocky and brushy.


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