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4946, OR | September 2023

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Full two-way messaging

This summit is best accessed via FR 4610, running east from the La Dee Flat OHV area. A high clearance vehicle with all-terrain tires is recommended, as the road is quite rocky and subject to rock slides and debris from steep hillsides. Note: as of this writing, there a section of 4610 that has been severely washed out, and may be impassable by anything but a 4x4 designed for off-road travel (45.21130, -121.95542). 

Park and commence hiking from the abandoned left spur at 45.20733, -121.94929, where overgrowth has reduced the road to a trail. Continue to the ridge to begin a strenuous bushwhack along the ridge to the summit. Staying on the right side of the ridge, about 50-100 feet down the slope, attempt to intercept a game trail that will make the bushwhacking a bit easier than following the top of the ridgeline. 

The summit is spacious with both open and forested areas, with steep dropoffs and expansive views of Mt Hood and the surrounding area. Many options for antennas. 

This summit pairs well with W7O/CN-087, roughly two miles west.

Rocky summit  ledge makes a good perch for activating
Summit view of Mt Hood