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Parrett Mtn, OR | January 2012

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

Here's another suburban SOTA summit with little to offer but a narrow road shoulder for activation space. Still, it's close in to Newberg, Oregon and if you've only a limited time, it could be a good choice.

The closest address to the summit is 13358 NE Parrett Mountain Rd, in Newberg. There are few places to park along this narrow road - I found a spot where the road turns east about 0.45 miles south of the "summit" itself. That also gives you more than 100 feet of vertical distance to climb. When I was there the traffic was pretty light so walking up to and back from the summit on the shoulder seemed safe enough. 
With the limited space of a narrow road shoulder an activation on 2m FM or SSB and hand carried antennas is the way to go. I also did this activation in the snow - my log was smeared and almost unreadable when I got home. It pushed me to invest in waterproof log books and I've been happy with them ever since.

Activating Parrett Mtn in the snow.