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Tillamook Peak 2399 Oregon

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If you’re feeling like activating a peak that is obfuscated by a maze of logging road both old and brand new, has no view, lots of poison oak, and is surrounded by a ring of taller mountains that hamper VHF and cell communications, have we got a deal for you. This is the perfect summit for that obsessive peak bagger that’s trying to up their unique percentage.

Do not use Google Maps for navigation to 2399. The online and phone app maps are inaccurate in regards to old roads and do not have any record, even photographic, of the new roads that have been laid down in the last couple of weeks. To get there, do this:

  • Off of Highway 6, take Jordan Creek Road.
  • At about one mile, take a sharp turn to the left and continue up the hill on Archer Road. Yes, the road does go through. That said, this is a surprisingly continuously steep road with a thick layer of loose gravel. An approach in two wheel drive car is a gamble.
  • Follow Archer Road for roughly 4.7 miles and take a left onto a newly refreshed logging road.
  • Follow this road until the peak is just north of you. There is a pullout here at 45.5533 -123.5509. Do not drive further on this road as it is a very active new logging area and one of the steepest descents and ascents I’ve ever seen on a road – probably close to 35% at the end and may be passable only by a cat or skid.
  • At the pullout, there is a small trail that crosses over to a well used ATV trail called #28 Archers Firebreak. Follow this very loose and steep trail up to the left to the summit area.

There is no view at the summit as it is surrounded by trees, but there is an opening in which you can setup. Be aware that there is a healthy growth of poison oak so be careful hanging antennas.

My personal recommendation is that you don’t bother with 2399.