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West Soda Peaks JULY 1, 2020

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West Soda Peaks is a nice hike. Probably better when it's not raining.

Guy, N7UN has provided access info HERE. I just wanted to add a little to it.


From Portland take I-84 to Bridge of the Gods.  Toll is $2. 

Cross the bridge and turn right onto WA-14. 

Travel to Wind River HWY and turn left.

Turn left onto Hemlock

Turn right onto Little Soda Springs Rd/Szydlo Rd

 Little Soda Rd turns into FR54. Follow FR54 to where it meets up with FR5407, near 45.890853, -122.065938

FR307 will be to your right. Turn into there and park.  Trail will be to your right as you turn onto FR307. 

Follow the trail to the ridgeline near 45.881622, -122.054782. 

Turn left (West) and follow the ridgeline trail to the summit.  Some bushwhacking involved here.

Lots of trees on top. 

Have fun