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Stormy Mountain, WA | September 2022

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Don't know
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Decent, workable
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Good digi echos

On September 5th, I went up Stormy Mountain for its first activation since 2019. The previous trip report was useful, and I followed the same driving route. This is also the route recommended by the forest service. Google Maps tried to send me by a different route. It might have been fine, but I decided it was more prudent to stick with the human-curated recommendations.

The road conditions were fairly good. It's narrow in places, so keep a careful lookout for oncoming traffic and pay attention to good places to pass. Fortunately, it was not very trafficked and we only passed a handful of other vehicles. I was comfortable doing the drive with an SUV with 9 inches of clearance. I think you could reasonably drive all but the last few miles in a sedan, but after that it gets uneven and rocky and would be difficult to navigate in a small vehicle.

We encountered two other groups on the trail.

There are some small trees at the summit. I used one as an antenna support, but it wasn't really tall enough. You could probably find a good spot within the activation zone with some looking, but it might be more time-efficient to just bring your own mast or vertical antenna.