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Mount Baldy, Montana - 27 August 2021

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Mount Baldy summit has a Forest Service Lookout tower and a multi-agency communication site for the NW corner of Montana.  There are good views from the summit including high mountains of the Cabinets Mountains to the south, the Selkirk Mountains to the west and into Canada to the North.  There were no apparent desense issues from the communication facilities. 

Along highway #508 be sure to stop at Yaak Falls, a cascading waterfall that is picturesque in any season.  Another place to visit is Yaak, a small but famous town with a bar called the ‘Dirty Shame’.  There is also a restaurant and gas station in the town.  During the early cold war days, 1950-1960’s, the Air Force had an early warning radar station just north of the town.    

Directions:  Travel northwest from Troy MT or northeast from Bonners Ferry Idaho on Highway #2.  Then north on Highway #508 approximately 18 miles to FS#745.  Travel up #745 approximately 5 miles to FS #591 and then continue to Mount Baldy Lookout.  A high clearance vehicle is recommended for this road.

Trail Miles:  0 it’s a drive-up USFS Lookout 

Elevation Gain:  0

Water:   None after leaving Hellroaring Creek in the valley below.

Bear Spray:  Recommended for all Montana summits.

Camping:   Dispersed camping sites exist along the access roads.  Additionally, several Developed Campgrounds exist along Highway #508.   

Map:  Kootenai National Forest, Three Rivers Ranger District