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Roundtop Mountain, Idaho | 2 June 2021

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The Roundtop name matches well this broad round summit.  It was intensely burned, twice with very few snags and live trees remaining now.  Even though the hike is short, considerable downfall impedes travel over many routes. Google Earth is a good resource here to identify areas with less snags and stringers of unburned forest.  I traveled in a lightly burned forest stringer due west of the summit breaking into the open brush and grass area near the summit.   A 2017 unplanned activation from the south had me battling lots of downfall.  A few snags and live trees are available to hang antennas or support antenna masts. 

Roundtrip Hike Miles: 1

Elevation gain: 870’

Water: None.  Nearest is Deep Creek

Bear Spray: Recommended for these summit hikes

Other Equipment: Axe, handsaw or chainsaw. As with many summits in this southwest Montana/Selway-Salmon area of Idaho there are a lot of wildfire burned areas with road-blocking fallen snags. 

Map: Bitterroot National Forest

Directions:  South of Darby Montana leave highway #93 and travel up the paved West Fork Bitterroot River Road for approximately 14 miles.  Turn right, west onto the intermittently paved Nez Perce Fork Road.  Travel up this road for approximately 16 miles to Nez Perce Pass. Nez Perce Pass is a large parking area with a vault toilet, a helicopter landing area and three large interpretive signs. From the Pass continue downhill approximately 8.0 miles to FS #224, a left turn prior to leaving pavement and cross Deep Creek.  This is the road to Hell’s Half Acre Lookout. It is a gravel road suitable for pickup trucks and SUVs.  Travel up that road approximately 1.5 miles.  There are limited turnaround areas along this road to access the summit. One is just prior to a short hike route to the summit and one beyond at a major ridge opening