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Skookum Butte, Or | Aug 2021

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Off Highway 97 between Cresent and Chemult. follow directiions like your going to Walker LO You could drive almost to the summit if you have a small SUV like a Jeep. 4WD with clearance would be needed. I parked near the main road and rode my bike the 3.8 miles to the summit. GPS on my phone worked fine for navgation to the summit. I parked here: 43.2630 -121.70111. This was due to brush encrouching the road and I did not want to scratch up my truck. This is a great bike ride. There are a few sections I decided to walk my bike. the trip down was great. Summit is an old lookout site with a small rock outcroping with some nice views. looking at google earth and maps it apears there are other ways you could get to the summit. all look like roads that are not maintained.