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Walker Mountain, OR | August 2014

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See Upate June 2023.

A dusty drive-up in south central Oregon features a fire lookout at the summit and a lot of communication towers. There was some 20m noise that seemed to emanate from these facilities that periodically wiped out reception, but it was intermittent.

From Chemult in south central Oregon, head north on Highway 97 4.3 miles. Turn right at the sign for Walker Mountain L.O. and travel east on NF-94 for 4.4 miles. This is a nicely maintained and wide gravel road. Turn left on NF-9402 - there's no road marker, but there is a large blank sign there. These last 1.8 miles to the summit were in deep dust in late summer - it would be a mess when wet. There were a couple dicey spots, but it could probably be traveled in a passenger car.

There are few turnouts along the last road, but there is a wide spot at the last switch back about 1/10 mile before the summit and the lookout. There is also a old stone cabin near the summit that is worth checking out. See

There are plenty of trees on this summit for antennas and nice spots to sit in the shade or the sun. There is a repeater on this summit and I was able to get the owner, WA7TYD, to move to simplex for one of my contacts (145.470- PL 162.2).