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Davis Peak Activation - 3 Nov 2012

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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This was my first SOTA summit activation.  Due to the weather (rain and heavy fog) I chose a summit close to home.  Davis Peak is a major radio repeater site about 13 miles east of Woodland at Exit 21 from I-5.

Access requires a little logging road navigation but a good GPS will get you in the area.  Drive east on SR#503 from Woodland and turn onto the Little Kalama River Road then up the hill to the Aho-Carson Road where you will turn right.  At the end of the Aho-Carson road stay on the main logging road for several miles until you come to a triple fork in the road.  The center fork has a gate on it and is the road you will want to hike up to the summit.

Hike is about 1/2 mile to the top where there are several radio towers and a generator in operation.  I am sure there are great views but not on my trip.  Several good places to setup but I am not sure how much the RF from the site impacted my activation.  In spite of that I made six contacts and learned a lot.

No pictures because of the fog but I will make sure to do so on my next activations.

Davis Peak W7W/LC-118
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Nice trip report

Grover -

Thanks for the write up on your first time summit!


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Nice work

Congratulations on your first SOTA activation and welcome to a very addictive hobby!


Todd, W7TAO