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Peak 7057 & Hawley Mnt.

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Approxamatly 1 1/2 hours out of Boise. Reasonably passable roads. (all wheel drive Volvo XC-90).

BC-074 is first on the ridge line and has a nice open summit. Good views down into Pionneerville to the North and Horse Shoe bend to the South. Walk up to the summit is about a 1/3 of a mile and not to bad. I used a large pine tree to hang my antenna from but there is also a pole on the summit; however it does not have a halyard.

20 to 30 min. drive futher west down the ridgeline is Hawley Mountain (BC-069). There is an unused fire look out and particularly good views in almost all directions. East of the lookout about 200 yards is a small shelterd spot with a tree and boulders that made a reasonable operating spot out of the sun.

Nice drive, easy walk, and good views. I can recommend both of these summits.