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Arizona 100 Point Whirlwind SOTA Vacation | May 2020

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13 Peaks in 5 Days
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I had planned a vacation with my son in Gilbert, Arizona the first week of November 2020 and asked if he could find a few  SOTA summits we could activate together. I also flew my daughter in from out-of-state to join us.  This is how it actually turned out:

Tuesday, November 3rd - Pinal Peak (W7A/AW-009) gravel road drive-up:  8 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Christopher Mountain (W7A/AW-024) very rough access road & .5 mile hike: 13 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Rim Road Peak (W7A/CS-020) paved/gravel access road drive-up: 7 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Baker Butte (W7A/AE-035) gravel access road w/.5 mile hike: 8 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Buck Mountain (W7A/AE-044) gravel access road w/.75 mile gravel road hike: 9 Contacts

Wednesday, November 4th - Hutch Mountain (W7A/AE-028) gravel access road w/1.3 mile gravel road hike: 5 Contacts

Thursday, November 5th - Mount Lemmon (W7A/AW-001) paved access road w/.5 mile trail: 9 Contacts

Thursday, November 5th - Bigelow Mount (W7A/AW-003) gravel access road drive-up: 11 Contacts

Thursday, November 5th - Green Mountain (W7A/PE-002) paved access road w/a VERY DIFFICULT .6 mile vertical climb: 9 Contacts

Friday, Nov ember 5th - Tumamoc Hill (W7A/AW-057) paved access road w/1.5 paved trail: 8 Contacts

Friday, November 6th - East End (W7A/MN-038) paved access road w/1.75 mile trail (last .25 mile very steep): 6 Contacts

Saturday, November 7th - Goat Hill (W7/MS-065) paved access road w/1.25 mile trail: 4 Contacts (one peak to go and then airport)

Saturday, November 7th - Mount Suappoa (W7A/MS-048) paved access road w/.25 mile trail: 5 Contacts (terrible RF)

If my math is correct, there were 13 peaks, 100 activation points, 102 total and 7 S2S contacts.

What a great week! Scott KI7EMX