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Trout Creek Mountain, Idaho | August 2022

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Trout Creek Mountain is an exposed summit amongst many similar looking peaks along a range.  The only trees in the activation zone were consumed in a past fire and I would not suggest taking cover or trying to erect an antenna mast in the area.  20m was open and I made five (5) contacts in quick succession.  After 20m went quiet I tried 40m with no success.

There was a sheep herders camp near the summit but the summit was far enough away to not bother him. During my activation the sheep herders horse came over for a scratch and an obvious attempt at getting into my trail food!  It was a welcome surprise that just added to my many unique summit experiences.

Also, on the drive to the summit I encountered a sheep herd (many miles from the summit) crossing the road.  It took over 20 minutes to clear the road so I could pass.  

Directions: If you type “Trout Creek Mountain” into your driving software, it will direct you along a road that is just below the summit with less than a 100 yard walk. Trout Creek Mountain is accessed from Rock Creek Road at the intersection of North 3800 East & East 2950 North (42.42673, -114.30504).  Follow Rock Creek Road (asphalt) south up the canyon for approximately 20.8 miles where the pavement ends, and a well-graded gravel road begins.  At this point, the road becomes 705.00 (Oakley-Rogerson). Continue for approximately .8 miles to an intersection (42.16520, -114.26687) with 705.38 (FS Spring / Monument Peak Road). Continue on 705.38 for approximately 5.47 miles to the intersection (42.13642, -114.20390) with 705.33. Continue onto 705.33 (Trapper Creek Road) for approximately 3.72 miles to the intersection with 705.36 (42.09797, -114.17347). Veer right/south onto 705.36 (Trout Creek Pass) and travel approximately .56 miles to the intersection with 722.67 (42.09104, -114.17048). This is where a deviation from Google Maps is required.  There are concrete barriers preventing travel along 722.67 which requires a detour onto “Dad’s Hump.” Up until this point the road is Prius friendly.  Dad’s Hump will require a high clearance vehicle, though most likely not a 4WD.  This section of road is only .71 miles long and connects back onto 722.67. Turn right/south at the intersection 722.67 (42.08960, -114.15848) and continue for approximately .75 miles where you can pull off the road at a relatively flat area (42.08351, -114.14906) and hike the 100 yards to the summit.