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Peak 6073, Idaho | August 2022

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Good, very usable
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Don't know
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Don't know

This was the first activation of the summit.  This was a straight-up bushwhack climb of around 500 feet and a ½ mile. Just before the summit there is a 15-foot vertical rock scramble.  After searching around I found a route that I felt safe attempting.  My fears far outweighed the reality. I tried to find a USGS marker but failed.  What I did, however, was disturb a flying ant colony.  The ants swarmed me but never bit.  I moved away from the area and luckily the wind picked up and they dispersed. The summit is a relatively small area but with plenty of room to set-up.  There is a dead tree that made for a perfect place to Velcro my mast.  The activation was near 1:30 pm and very hot. I made quick work of the contacts and headed back quickly. (Pictures to be posted at a later date.)

Directions:  I accessed this summit after activating Spring Benchmark.  Continue south on Beaver Dam Road from the Spring Benchmark parking spot (42.08731, -114.10291) for approximately 2.7 miles to the intersection (42.05538, -114.08637) of Coal Bank Road (706.81). Turn left onto Coal Bank Road and continue for 12.8 miles to the intersection with Goose Creek Road. Goose Creek Road is a well graded gravel road suitable for most any vehicle. Just before this intersection there is a required crossing at Goose Creek. The water was running relatively high, and the water line was just below my doors in a raised 4x4 Jeep. The earlier part of the Coal Bank Road and Beaver Dam Road require a 4x4, preferable with high clearance. Follow Goose Creek Road for approximately 13.4 until the intersection (42.20952, -113.90062) with 500 West. Turn right/north on 500 West, which turns into College Avenue and arrives in Oakley, Idaho.