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Spring Benchmark, Idaho | August 2022

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This was the first activation of Spring Benchmark.  Prior knowledge would have been helpful, but some early google earth research resulted in a successful ascent/activation. As with most summits in the area, there isn’t much to write home about this summit except for the typical panoramic views.  I parked near the intersection of Trapper Creek Road and Trout Creek Mountain Road and began the 1-mile bushwhack hike.  There are a myriad of game and cattle trails.  There are also some burned out areas, but for the most part the hike is a straight up 800 foot ascent through dry grass and small cactus.  The dry grass seeds will take every opportunity to penetrate your socks and hiking shoes to make your ankles miserable.  It took over an hour at home to pull these out. Finding the USGS marker was easy, and set-up was a breeze.  There are no bushes or trees to attach a mast, so if using a mast, guy wires are a must.

Directions:  The selected route was out of Oakley, Idaho on College Avenue which turns into 500 West and then to 2250 South. Turn right/north onto 600 West (42.20426, -113.91097) and then make a quick left onto Trapper Creek Road (42.20745, -113.91075).  Follow Trapper Creek Road (705.33) for approximately 12 miles to an intersection (42.13724, -114.09259) with Beaver Dam Road (705.35). Turn left/south onto Beaver Dam Road for approximately 4.2 miles to the parking spot at the intersection (42.08731, -114.10291) with Trout Creek Mountain Road.