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Elk Mountain, Nevada | August 2022

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This was the first activation of Elk Mountain.  Apparently, the summit has three names, 1) Elk Mountain, 2) Red Point, and 3) Rogers VABM (Vertical Mountain Benchmark). SOTA designates the summit as Elk Mountain, so we’ll go with that! Activating in Nevada was a new experience.  This summit is very remote. The mountainsides and valleys were very green, even in late August. The summit is strewn with loose rock and is extremely exposed. Though the beginning of the dirt/gravel road is well graded, the last 5-1/2 miles will require a 4wd with high clearance. This road is definitely NOT Prius friendly. Note that this area is extremely remote. The latter part of the drive had no signs of recent vehicle activity and the grass between the tire tracks was overgrown.

The hike to the summit was just less than a ½ mile with approximately 250 vertical feet of elevation gain. There are three (3) USGS markers at the summit that appear to create a triangle. One is definitely the high point and I set up the QTH near this one (picture below). Propagation on 20m was awful but I was able to get two (2) 20m contacts.  40m was somewhat better.  I made four 40m contacts and after over an hour I packed up and hiked back to the Jeep. This was a Friday morning activation and with no cell service, I couldn’t spot myself.  I’m sure this, coupled with poor propagation, was the reason for the lack of activity.

Directions: Head west from Hwy 93 onto Three Creek Road out of Rogerson, ID.  This is also called Jarbidge Road. Turn east off Three Creek Road at 42.11494, -115.02895. It doesn’t appear this road has a name or designation.  Continue generally south on this road for approximately 8.25 miles and then turn right at 42.02445, -115.01821.  There are two roads near these coordinates, but either one will get you to a quick left hand turn onto another no-name road. Take this road south for 2-1/2 miles to a cattle gate.  This also happens to be the Idaho/Nevada border, but there is nothing but a map that will indicate this.  Open/close the gate and continue south (some maps call this Elk Mountain Road, but there are no signs indicating this).  Continue south for 1.8 miles to an intersection at 41.97864, -115.05541. Continue south/southeast) on this road for just over a half mile (.64) to an intersection at 41.97517, -115.06018 and turn left/south and continue for approximately 1-1/4 miles.  Maps only show the first part of this road, but you can faintly make the rest of the road out on Google Earth.

I parked off the road at 41.96610, -115.05982.  There are no established trails to the summit, but you basically head west across a relatively flat meadow and then follow a well-established game trail up the mountain. Once you see the summit, make a bushwhack beeline to the top. There are some small loose rocks to negotiate but they are not difficult.