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Quartzite Butte, NV | August 2022

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I left, by accident, my phone (camera) and my antenna mast at the Jeep.  By the time I realized it I was too far up the mountain to retrieve them. Luckily I was wearing my Garmin watch and was able to record the route and elevation data. Though not too tall, there are some scrub oak at the summit.  This most likely compromised my inverted “V” antenna quite a bit since I could only get on a branch about 6 feet off the ground. There is a very steep road that leads up from where I parked.  The road ends and then a bushwhack is required to the summit. The summit is mostly visible after about a quarter mile. The ascent is approximately .57 miles with a 425 feet elevation gain.

Directions: Refer to the driving directions for Wrangle Mountain.  From the road to Wrangle Mountain, continue south for approximately .45 miles.  Turn left at a side road (41.93325, -115.05841).  This road heads east and dead ends at a cattle corral.  Before the cattle corral at a ¼ mile, turn right/south. Almost immediately the road is off-camber and took some nerve to continue!  From this point the road does not look drivable, but I continued for just over a quarter mile and parked (41.92706, -115.05419).  There is a very steep road that climbs the mountain just past a fence, but it did not look safe since I was alone.  It might be more appropriate for a side-by-side.