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Monument Peak, Idaho | July 2022

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Monument Peak is an exposed summit.  There are some stands of trees well within the activation zone, if needed.  I secured my mast to a leg of a small canopy (gotta love those drive-ups). 40m and 20m netted eight contacts in quick succession and then the chasers went quiet. I’ve stopped trying VHF/UHF in this area due to the lack of chasers (sparse population). If you type “Monument Peak” into your driving software, it will direct you to the USGS Monument Peak which is not the SOTA Monument Peak. This gets you very close to the SOTA summit that is less than a mile away.

Monument Peak is accessed from Rock Creek Road at the intersection of North 3800 East & East 2950 North (42.42673, -114.30504).  Follow Rock Creek Road (asphalt) south up the canyon for approximately 20.8 miles where the pavement ends, and a well-graded gravel road begins.  At this point, the road becomes 705.00 (Oakley-Rogerson). Continue for approximately .8 miles to an intersection (42.16520, -114.26687) with 705.38 (FS Spring / Monument Peak Road). Continue on 705.38 for approximately 3.92 miles to the intersection (42.13156, -114.22368) with 706.71 (Little Piney). Continue onto 706.71 for approximately 1.11 miles to a left turn (42.11947, -114.22064) towards the summit access road. Be careful to NOT take the left turn shortly before this left at the wood Monument Peak sign. The “early” left is the USGS summit and not the SOTA summit. There is also a left turn at 42.12355, -114.21817 short of the access road that is a dead-end and will leave you short of the true summit.  Continue on the access road for a short distance where you’ll see the steep road on the right to the summit.  This road is NOT Prius friendly.  It will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle with some clearance.  If you choose to stop at the intersection with the summit road, it is only a short walk up the hill (approximately 250 yards /.14 miles).


Monument Peak - Idaho