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Johnson Benchmark, Idaho | September 2022

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FAIL - Not Recommended: Unless you happen to be traveling along Highway 46, I would not plan on activating this summit.

Tuesday, September 13th.  The planned drive to an anticipated bushwack to the summit was from Hwy 46 at a barbed wire cattle gate (43.23823, -114.68105).  The gate was closed, locked and posted with a NO TRESPASSING sign. (Note: this gate was on Private Property). Further south was another barbed wire cattle gate (43.22311, -114.68252). This gate is on BLM land and though closed, was not locked and there was no signage.  After opening/closing the gate, I turned immediately north paralleling the highway for about .30 miles.  There was another gate here (43.22712, -114.68606) that was open and no signage. I continued along this road mostly west for approximately 3 miles and parked at another locked gate. Gaia GPS indicated a road along the fence that headed north to the original planned road.  There was no road!  I walked/bushwacked the fence line, stumbled onto a road that I should have taken approximately ½-mile west from where I parked (intersection at 43.23607, -114.73270). This road would have saved about a 1-mile hike.  After reaching the original road, I walked east approximately ¼-mile to where a bushwack up to the summit was planned.  About this time the ominous black clouds were closing in, the hair on my arms began to stand up, light rain began dropping and then there was a lightning strike VERY close.  Needless to say I turned around and made a beeline back to the Jeep.


Wednesday, September 14th. I returned the next day, went through the gate (43.22311, -114.68252) and headed along the dirt road.  The second gate was CLOSED and locked! No access.  I turned around and headed north on highway 46 hoping to find access from the north. I found a circuitous route from the north starting just north of Manard Cemetery (43.26698, -114.74706).  This barbed wire gate was closed, locked and signed NO TRESPASSING but with an adjacent sign that access is permitted with approval of the XXXX Cattle Company. I couldn’t read the actual name and there was no phone number.