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Peak 6460, Idaho | September 2022

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
No service at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know

This was a fun drive and activation.  There had been rain recently and Coal Bank Road was peppered with water hazards and rocky runoff portions.  Though easily passable in a high clearance 4wd, it was NOT Prius friendly. The summit was large and flat with a few trees scattered around for attaching antenna masts. I set up my QTH near the actual summit, but it turned out to be an awful location for spotting.  I had to get up and walk north about 100 yards each time I changed frequencies. It would have been prudent to move my QTH rather than leaving my equipment and running back each time the text message was sent. Apparently, there was a M8 solar flare at 1350 UTC this morning.  This is the second-most energetic category of flares. It certainly affected the propagation and there was complaining from operators on both 20m and 40m. My experience was either awful readability or great 58/59 contacts. Since this was going to be a 2-peak day, I quickly moved on to Peak 5927 (W7I/CI-134).

Directions: Out of Oakley, Idaho, travel south on College Avenue (500 West) for approximately 2.40 miles.  The road veers slightly left where it becomes Goose Creek Road (42.20959, -113.90057). Continue south 13.5 miles to the intersection with Coal Bank Road (42.04706, -113.94647). Turn right on Coal Bank Road.  I would recommend a high clearance 4wd drive vehicle beyond this point.  Shortly after turning onto Coal Bank Road, you’ll need to cross Goose Creek.  I would NOT recommend crossing this creek during Spring runoff. At this time of year (September) the water was just at the bottom of my Jeep door (28 inches). From the intersection with Goose Creek Road, travel 3.92 miles to the intersection with Coal Banks SW (7879) Road (42.07213, -113.99932).  Turn left and head south on Coal Banks SW Road for approximately 2.92 miles to the summit access road (42.04034, -114.01691).  Turn left and head east UP the road to the summit.

Summit Looking South