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Anderson Mountain, WA | June 2021

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Anderson Mountain is a 4pt summit located near Alger, WA. Parking at the gate can be found at 48.63644, -122.309031 and has plenty of parking with no pass required.

As soon as you exit the vehicle, the elevation gain of ~3200ft begins. This trip was about 13.2 miles on established trail and logging roads along the PNW trail. Moving time was about 4hrs and 40min. This trail has some evidence of heavy 2-wheel traffic so be aware of the deep ruts while hiking the trail portions.

There is a narrow road that leads near the summit and appears to lead to the east side of Anderson mountain, but the last little section to the summit is an easy trail/scramble up to the summit. I had cellphone coverage along most of this hike but once I reached the summit, the data coverage would drop off from time to time, but self-spotting with T-Mobile was possible.

The summit does have trees but with an opening to the west. I had room to set up my 22ft mast and a 67ft linked dipole and EFHW. There was good 2m simplex coverage with the extended double zep antenna, but I believe my receive was compromised by the multiple cellphone towers/repeaters nearby on other summits (Lookout, Austin hill, etc.) if you make the trip up to this summit, it may be worth bringing a 2m bandpass filter. I brought mine but didn’t think to try it until I was on my way back to the gate.

Overall, this was a great hike with some nice views and with plenty of room for hf antennas



Clint – KJ7LLS