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Mount Maria is now on the Bad List

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Today was to be my second activation of Mount Maria just north of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.  A different, more direct route up the south ridge was planned.


South Ridge - Mount Maria


Part way up the ridge I had to cross a fence line, but there were no signs, no orange, posts, etc.  So, I proceed on up to toward the summit.  Well, about 110 feet below the summit I came across another fence line, but this one was marked with orange posts, so I knew that I would not summit from this ridge today.


Orange Posts - Mount Maria


I was bummed, because I was just shy of the activation zone, but rules are rules.

After getting back to the car I drove to the east side of the mountain were I hiked from last year to find that the "No Hunting" signs that were present before have been replace with "No Tresspassing" signs this year.

No Trespassing - Mount Maria


Around the entire mountain there are now orange fence posts and signs.  So, until a public friendly person buys this land, I guess it is now hands (or feet) off.  Frown


Here was my route today.

 Map - Mount Maria


73, Jim - KK7A