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Chester Hill, Soda Springs Idaho

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  This is a nice 4 pointer located in Soda Springs Idaho.  Access the Trailhead at the North end of Main Street of downtown Soda Springs. There is a "S" on the Mtn side above the trailhead.  After parking, take the green belt trail N.E. about 200 yards where you will come across a canal clean out crane.  Here you will see a trail going around a concrete barrier that will take you to the "S" on the hillside.  Going to the "S" is moderately steep.  Go to the summit of the "S" hill and looking NW you  you will see Chester Hill. Proceed to go down the North side of  "S" hill and you can pick up a nice game trail that will take you to the summit.  Total time from Trailhead to summit of Chester Hill is approx. 60 minutes with easy bushwacking the last few hundred yards.  This area is known for its deer and elk population so you should see alot of either or both.  

  The summit has a nice long acitivation zone running south to north with alot of mahoganies trees to either put up a dipole or a collapsible pole.  If you look in a South Easterly direction you will see Rabbit Mtn across the valley.  This is also a nice 4 pointer.

  Soda Springs ID was one of the main stopping points on the Oregon Trail so it would be worth your time to play tourist afterwards and enjoy its history at the museum and various other sites.