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Cedar Mtn, ID | April 2022

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Cedar Mtn is located 25 miles South of Pocatello ID.  From Pocatello take I-15 to the Arimo ext.40. Then proceed West on Arimo Rd until you come to South Robin road. Take a left on S.Robin Rd until you come to W.Sublett Rd. Take a right, the summit will be in front of you and go west until you see a "Sportsman's Access Road, No Motorized Vehicles Beyond This Point". Hike on this double track until you reach the BLM boundary. The double track will take you to the top of a saddle. Here you will need to bushwhack about a half mile north to the activation zone.  The summit is in view throughout hike.

As a side note, the double track is on the Huspeth Cutoff of the Oregon Trail which led to the California gold fields.

The hike is moderate and there is plenty of room and shade to activate. It is not recommended to travel on W.Sublette Road during or after a rain/snow storm due to the mud conditions ...the road turns into a slippery struggle even for a 4 wheel drive.

Enjoy !!