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7767 Idaho, Oct., 2023

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Take the Inkom Idaho Ext off of I-15 (approx.13 miles south of Pocatello Id). Going through the town of Inkom, take Rapid Creek Rd to Inman Rd. which will be on your right.  This road turns into FS road 018 and goes to the Trail Head, (42.50.15 N, 112.10.47W). If you have a ORV you can unload at this trailhead.  If you are using 4 wheel drive high clearance vehicle you can take it to the bushwhack starting point.  Proceed on FS 018 approx 3  miles until you come to a junction called Inman Pass.  Take the main road on the right ..FS 013 for approx 1 mile.  You will see a road going to the left (42.50.3 N, 112.7.29 W).  Take this road approximately 3.5miles.  At 42.48.34 N, 112.7.25 W you will see a double track road on your left, take this.  This road will deadend.  Here you will start your .6 mile bushwhack to the summit.  The bushwhack is an easy uphill.  Make sure you study a topo map (paper or electronic) before you start the hike up.  This is a blind bushwhack through a heavy pine and aspen forest . You will not see the summit until the last 170 feet of vertical.

Enjoy !

Bill N0DNF