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Mt Scott & Mt Sylvania, OR | May 2022

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Decent, workable
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In my quest to activate all the Portland Metro summits by bike I decided to link together a route that would have me hit Mt Scott (W7O/WV-095) and Mt Sylvania (W7O/WV-096). 

From Beaverton I made my way to the graveyard and across the bridge to Sellwood where I linked up with the Springwater Cooridor to take me east. The climb up Mt Scott was terribly steep, my bike computer said the grade was 15% in places! Once on top I set up my FT-60r with a bandpass filter and MFJ Longranger.  I heard activity on 146.58 so I spotted on 146.56. First QSO was an S2S with NE7ET on W7O/NC-021. After a few more calls I started jumping around the VFO and I caught K7ATN & K7FOP on 146.58. QSO #4 was with N7LF. With that I packed up and rolled (quickly