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Mt Scott & Mt Sylvania, OR | May 2022

In my quest to activate all the Portland Metro summits by bike I decided to link together a route that would have me hit Mt Scott (W7O/WV-095) and Mt Sylvania (W7O/WV-096). 

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Skyline Ridge (Peak 761), OR | November 2020


This is an urban park activation about thirty minutes from downtown Portland. No GPS device needed as Google maps provides good driving directions. Though you can pull off a 2M sidelwalk activation near the summit (which is on private property), a more pleasant place to operate from is Skyline Ridge Park (45.3905, -122.6634), about a half mile south. RF noise levels are high, so while a nice spot for an activation, don't expect big things on the HF bands.

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Mt Sylvania, OR -- Microwave Sprint Activation


Mount Sylvania is a suburban drive-up site in Lake Oswego with nearly panoramic views of the West Hills, Portland, and points eastward.  Directional antennas up though microwave bands do well at this site.  Despite its dense residential neighborhood setting the RX noise levels observed were low.  A weather station and several vertical antennas are on the summit, but I did not observe these to create any tx/rx issues on any bands I tried.