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Hiyu Mountain, OR | June 2019

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know
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Don't know

Hiyu Mountain is located within the Bull Run Watershed Management Unit (BRWMU) and is restricted to the general public by federal law. Locked gates are at all road entry locations. Authorized access is required to enter. The BRWMU is patrolled by Portland Water Bureau security personnel. Electronic surveillance is used to keep an eye on things.

The City of Portland offers guided tours June through October. Unfortunately, none of the tours include any of the SOTA summits. Only a few of the SOTA summits within the BRWMU have maintained road access. Cross country travel from the nearest road would be extremely difficult even for someone that had authorized access.

I’ve had the pleasure to work in the BRWMU over the past 30+ years supporting wireless communications infrastructure. This access has allowed me to travel to Hiyu Mountain and other SOTA sites within the BRWMU.

Approved access to Hiyu Mountain is via Lolo pass road to NF-10. Beyond the locked gate follow the NF-10, 401 and 045 roads to the adjacent radio site. It’s only a short hike to the top.

Hiyu Mountain was activated on June 4, 2019 by K7PN, N7EE and N7LF during a lunch break while on official business. Only recently was my activation log submitted. Life got into the way and the activation fell off my radar. K7ATN encouraged me to submit a log and blog about this past activation on the PNWSOTA website. The photos below are from the activation.