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Goat Mountain, OR

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Full two-way messaging

Goat Mtn is located southeast of Molalla. It is a radio comm site with numerous VHF antennas (+ other transmitters) on one tower at the summit. This site is home to the W7OTV Repeater (146.96 Tn=127.5 Hz) and is a Verizon cellsite.  The access roads are good and 2wd passable with some careful driving up to intersection with NF-45 and NF4510-021.  Then the road becomes “gnarly” and a high-clearance 4wd is best.                                  

Getting There

Drive east from Molalla on Hwy 211.  Turn south on paved Hillockburn Rd So.  Stay on Hilllockburn Rd for 5 mi.  Pass Resort Rd.  In another approx 4 miles pavement ends at a 4-way intersection.  Veer slight right up for 2 mi until intersection with NF-45 and NF4510-021.  Veer right up for 1 mi.  Road gets “gnarly”.  I parked here then hiked up the road for the last ½-mile.  Definitely a high-clearance 4wd road.  This is a popular jeep and ATV road with lots of ORV trails, etc.  Gated near summit but there is a “drive around” the gate. 

There is a great operating location to the north that overlooks Clear Lake and a 1000 ft cliff.  Fantastic views of Mt Hood to the NW.                             

Red Tape

No permits required.  The summit is a possible drive-up (after snow melts) so don’t forget your obligatory Activation Zone hike. Be aware of potential considerable ATV and Jeep traffic at the summit.       

When To Climb/Access

The road is usually snow free between June and September.  The access road is not plowed in the winter but the road is a popular cross-country trail and often used by snowmobiles.

Mountain Conditions

Great vistas especially of Mt Hood.  The summit is exposed so the wind can be rough but there are areas to get on the leeward side of rocks or buildings depending on wind direction.

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