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Overnight at Burley Mtn Lookout, WA

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

The Lookout is a "first come, first served" and, therefore, not reservable at  Consequently, a mid-week visit with an early arrival will generally net you an opportunity to spend the night.  Most folks spend one night, as a courtesy to others.  

Currently, the lookout is under restoration by vounteer groups.  As of 2 Sept 2022, the windows were boarded up but the door was open.  I slept on the clean floor.  It was workable and welcome to be out of the breeze.  There's a picnic table adjacent to the cabin as well as a pit toilet (bring your own t-paper).  

Access is easy, even by street-clearance vehicles.  Parking is limited to about 3 vehicles at the top.  More parking is available about 100 yds from the summit, just on the lower part of the Activation Zone.  Several off-road, primitive campsites are available 1/4-mi or so from the summit.

Be forewarned this is a favorite "come see the stars" location for folks, interrupting any solitude you might have expected.  There was a steady stream of cars until about midnight with all the "problems" of parking or backing up on a narrow road.  

This is a USFS Repeater site as well as some other commercial antenna installations.  No interference to my 2m FM or HF activities.  Cell service is spotty but Verizon coverage available on the actual ridge on the north side.  Views in all directions and are exceptional.  This would be a great site for a VHF contest, notwithstanding the popularity of this site.  This site can be very windy since it very exposed.  HF antenna set up was limited due to a lack of trees for antenna supports.

If you plan an overnight stay, be mindful that you can activate over 2 "SOTA days", thereby providing chasers points for 2 days.  I also activated 0300 UTC (or so) to work a number of JA's on 20m, when propogation is "better" to JA.

Here's a few pictures from my google photo album: