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Frog Lake Buttes, OR | 2022 Dec NYE

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

UPDATE March 2023: W7W/CN-024 has been retired and replaced by Frog Lake Buttes W7O/CN-106 ~ 1/3 mile northeast.

Here's an easy 14 points: snowshoe 3 miles up to Frog Lake Buttes (W7O/CN-024) on New Year's Eve.

The snow is usually already packed down by avid snowmobilers and, in our case this year, we didn't even need snowshoes.

Started at the Frog Lake Buttes SNO-PARK on Hwy 26 a few miles past the turn for Hwy 35.  Met up with Guy N7UN and my son Byron KK7HWY also came along.  We hiked the 3 miles or so in just over 2 hrs, arriving around 15:30.  If you're in better shape physically, you would make better time than us.  The summit was cold but bearable for the first bit.  We made a few contacts on 2m back towards PDX using a J-pole up 25ft but I could have used a few more minutes before UTC rollover to Jan 1.  With the winter bonus +3 that nets 7 points for each UTC day.

It started to get much colder with the sun setting so I didn't end up doing HF due to the cold.  After getting the required 4 contacts for my son and I, we packed up, donned our headlamps and headed down.