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Frog Lake Buttes, OR | 2022 Dec NYE

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

UPDATE March 2023: W7W/CN-024 has been retired and replaced by Frog Lake ButtesW7O/CN-106 ~ 1/3 mile northeast.

Here's an easy 14 points: snowshoe 3miles up to Frog Lake Buttes (W7O/CN-024).

The snow is usually already packed down by avid snowmobilers and, in our case this year, we didn't even need snowshoes.

Started at the Frog Lake Buttes SNO-PARK on Hwy 26 a few miles past the turn for Hwy 35.  Met up with Guy N7UN and my son Byron KK7HWY.  We hiked the 3 miles or so in just over 2 hrs, arriving around 15:30.  If you're in better shape physically, you would make better time than us.  The summit was cold but bearable for the first bit.  We made a few contacts on 2m back towards PDX using a J-pole up 25ft but I could have used a few more minutes before UTC rollover to Jan 1.  With the winter bonus +3 that nets 7 points for each UTC day.

It started to get much colder with the sun setting so I didn't end up doing HF due to the cold.  After getting the required 4 contacts for my son and I, we packed up, donned our headlamps and headed down.