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An Easy one in Southern Oregon

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Fielder Mountain, near Rogue River, Oregon is a relatively easy trip.  The driving portion is only about 30 minutes from its start, the corner of West Evans Creek Road and Fielder Creek Road in unicorporated Jackson County, Oregon.  Follow the road to the yellow gate, park, and walk the last mile or so to the peak.  There are several large commercial communications sites, including cellular, VHF/UHF, microwave and FM broadcast (though I  believe it's a translator, not a full-power FM).  I noticed inteference only once, on 18 mHz.

The access road is single-lane, gravel, maintained by BLM.  It's in good condition, but winding.

A clearing at the actual peak is a perhaps 100 metres from the commercial towers (see photo) and provides a good operating spot.  I was able to toss one end of my end-fed wire 15-20M high in one of many Ponderosa Pines using a weighted tennis ball.