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Copycat visits Roman Nose


After going "0-for-Powers" last week, I decided to lick my wounds with an easier activation.  Shamelessly, I cribbed from the recent visit by Phil, NS7P, to Roman Nose Mountain.

Roman Nose is almost TOO easy.  One can drive all but the last half-mile or so.  I parked another 1/2 mile before the locked gate, to ease my conscience.  (There's no specific distance of hike required.  Personally, I aim for at least a mile or so.  If you're young and vigorous, you might want to be tougher on yourself).

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Oregon's South Coast - Palmer Butte


Even leaving Bigfoot aside...

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...Southern Oregon has a lot to offer. If you'd like to try SOTA from exotic Oregon, there's probably no easier place to do it than Palmer Butte, W7O/SC-185.  It's off US-101 south of Brookings, the first major town north of the California border.


Take US-101 to around Milepost 357, south of Brookings, OR.  Turn East at this Signal:

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Central Point Oregon's Upper Table Rock: September 5, 2016


Upper and Lower Table Rocks dominate the skyline north of Medford Oregon, just off Interstate 5.  Upper Table Rock, located in Central Point, Oregon offers great views in many directions, and has an easy, well-maintained trail, used by more than 10,000 people each year.  From the trailhead, it's a 30-45 minute walk to the summit, which is large and flat. There's no infrastructure on the mesa, but it is very large and offers both open spaces and some trees usable for supporting wire antennas.

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W7O/SC-184 October 2016


A Fairly easy peak off US-101 south of Gold Beach, Oregon.  Take Carpenterville Road about 10 miles to Powerline Road, which is blocked by a blue gate off to your right.  Park across Carpenterville Road and walk about 1 mile to the summit. Avoid EMI-causing hilltop communications site.

Good coverages on 20 and 40 meters, though some RFI was evident on 40M.

As the photo shows, this was one of my "minimal" operations.  When I don't know how far I'm hiking, I leave my camp stool and folding aluminum table behind.  Operation is from, well, the ground!

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An Easy one in Southern Oregon


Fielder Mountain, near Rogue River, Oregon is a relatively easy trip.  The driving portion is only about 30 minutes from its start, the corner of West Evans Creek Road and Fielder Creek Road in unicorporated Jackson County, Oregon.  Follow the road to the yellow gate, park, and walk the last mile or so to the peak.  There are several large commercial communications sites, including cellular, VHF/UHF, microwave and FM broadcast (though I  believe it's a translator, not a full-power FM).  I noticed inteference only once, on 18 mHz.

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Blue Ridge, OR (near Coos Bay) | September 2016


An easy trip for visitors to the Coos Bay area. Directions:


0.0    From US-101, take Coos - Sumner Lane East

5.0     Continue through Sumner as name changes to Fairview-Sumner Lane

7.3     Continue left at Tee on Fairview-Sumner Lane

7.7     Left at fork onto paved USFS road 26-12-4.2

8.7     Stay on paved road

9.1     Stay on paved road

10.1    Right at fork onto gravel road

10.2    Right at fork onto USFS 26-12-35.1

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Southern Oregon's Onion Mountain Lookout


Onion Mountain is a relatively easy trip for the traveler to Southern Oregon who wants to do a little SOTA while visiting.  It's close to Grants Pass, has a fairly good road, and only requires a mile or so of hiking.  To boot, it offers great views.