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W7O/SC-184 October 2016

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A Fairly easy peak off US-101 south of Gold Beach, Oregon.  Take Carpenterville Road about 10 miles to Powerline Road, which is blocked by a blue gate off to your right.  Park across Carpenterville Road and walk about 1 mile to the summit. Avoid EMI-causing hilltop communications site.

Good coverages on 20 and 40 meters, though some RFI was evident on 40M.

As the photo shows, this was one of my "minimal" operations.  When I don't know how far I'm hiking, I leave my camp stool and folding aluminum table behind.  Operation is from, well, the ground!

While I've been using my W1SFR commercial end-fed-and-balun, this time I went back to my old standby: Three endfed wires and the estimable Hendricks "SOTA Tuner."  My impression is that I get better reports, but haven't done an A/B comparison from one site yet.

No table or stool, so operated with the equipment on the ground