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Aug 3, 2012 NS7P activation of Buck Mountain (W7/WV-076)

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Buck Mtn and its "sister" summit, Mt Tom make a good two summit day, which is how I did it.   They are about a mile apart and nearly the same elevation at over 3100'.  They are north of Mohawk, OR and accessed from them same mountain/logging roads.  They are easily reached  from the Eugene/Springfield area.  Take the 42nd St exit from I-105 in Springfield, which provides access to the Marcola Rd north.  Follow that road to Hill St, and turn L onto Hill.  Take that a very short distance to the Mohawk Store.  Go R at the store on Donna Rd.  turn L onto McGowad Creek Rd toward the rifle range.  From there follow your maps/GPS to the north toward these summits.  A fork in the gravel road near the top provides access to Buck Mt to the east and Mt Tom to the north.

Follow the L fork to a junction with a gated road uphill toward the summit.  Park below the gate and walk up the hill to the Buck Mt summit.   This rises about 250' over 1/2 to 3/4 miles, depending on where on the broad summit you wish to operate. The summit is occupied by numerous fenced-in radio installations.  It also has plenty of trees for antenna supports. I usually only put up one antenna, but this time I put up both the usual 20m EFHW and an 88' inv vee doublet.  You might want to stay as far from the RF sources as possible.  They generated a lot of QRN on 20m.

I managed to work three 40m CW, one 20m SSB and 11 20m CW QSOs. The highlight was five S2S contacts.  Of course, four were from the same CO summit.

The views are OK, not great.  There are a lot of clearcuts, but wildflowers and butterfllies abound.