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Fairview Peak 7/11/12 Trip Report by NS7P

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Bohemia Mountain and Fairview peak are adjacent to each other and make a good activation pair.  They are nearly 6000' ASL and are among the highest W7/WV summits.  The views from the top of either one are wonderful.  Bohemia is the higher of the two and is a moderately easy hike, while Fairview is a drive up with a fire lookout on top.

The two peaks rise up from Bohemia Saddle in the historic Bohemia mining district.  The best route to the saddle is FS 2212, a gravel road that is reached from Bryce Creek Rd.  Take Row River Rd east from I-5 Exit 174 for 19 miles to Brice Creek Rd.  Keep right and continue on Brice Ck for 12 miles to Noonday Rd (FS 2212).  Take the hard right onto 2212 and go about 8 miles to Champion Saddle.  From Champion, go about 2 more miles to Bohemia Saddle.  There is plenty of parking area here.

Take the hard right through the gate and onto the road to the top of Fairview Peak.  Follow this as it switches back several times on route to the top.  Choose as much walking to the top as you wish, but parking will need to be on top.  The road gets very narrow in places.

There are a few trees around the exposed top, but the lookout tower also makes a good antenna anchor and provides shade too.  It was not staffed yet.  I think that it gets a ranger starting about August 1 for a couple of months.  I hung my wire from the tower and operated on the ground in the tower's shade.

I skipped 40M this time and went straight to 20M CW with the EFHW antenna.  I was found right away (no self spotting - I think the network had shut my phone down) and made 10 QSOs in about 20 mins.  I announced that I was going to QSY to 20M SSB and went to 14.3445MHz.  I was found by one SSB station.

The views from on Fairview are great, whether looking across at Bohemia Mtn, down into the deep ravines or at several snow capped Cascade summits.  When we had enjoyed enough of the views, we got in the car and headed home (about 2 1/4 hrs each way).

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Alternative Access Road for Fairview/Bohemia Mtns

I've accessed the Bohemia saddle using the Sharps Creek FS2460 road which is just past Culp Creek.  This road is on the west side and is generally free of snow earlier in the season.  On 31 May 2013 the road was well graded and easily passable for a 2wd vehicle.  

Be sure to check with the Ranger office just east of Cottage Grove on Row River Rd, the main road going east, for road maintenance closures.  This is a rental firetower so be mindful that "renters" may be present.