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NS7P activation of Dead Mountain on 31 May 2016

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Dead Mountain, W7O/CM-115 is an out of the way summit in a forested area.  A road goes right by this 2 point summit.  The mountain is an extended ridge.  The SOTA summit sits on the high point.  This summit is easy to get to along roads that branch off of the main road to the Huckleberry Lookout.



If you want to add this summit to your Huckleberry activation, watch for a “Y” intersection part of the way down the hill. Take this left onto Rd 2409.  Follow this road close to a mile.  It then takes a 90 degree turn to the right.  In another 1/4 mile turn right again, then go about a mile until the road levels out on the ridge.  There is a hiking trail/jeep trail to the left numbered 204.  This is a good place to pull in and park.  The summit is in the woods just past this trail, but you are already in the activation zone. Set up wherever you want to operate.


I put a 20 meter EFHW up into a tree in the woods and set up on the ground underneath it.  Propagation was strange.  QSB was deep, and it took me 25 minutes or so to get 6 QSOs on 20 meter CW.  Even the “regulars” (W0MNA, W0ERI, W7RV, W9MRH and NA6MG) were somewhat difficult.  The strangest QSO was the last one - ZL1BYZ was 559 to me, and I was 319 to him.  It was my first ZL when activating. I wonder if we could have made a S2S QSO had he been activating!



Anyway, it gave me another 2 activation points for the day.  I tore down and headed back the way I had come to the main Huckleberry road.  From there, it was back to Oakridge and onto home.  I recommend it as an addition to the trip to Huckleberry Lookout.