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Highland Flat - Ochoco NF

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Highland Flat is located in the Ochoco National Forest, approx 15 miles north of Priveville.  In April 2019 I completed a first-time activation of the summit which is suprising since there's very good forest road access up to near the activation zone.  My activation was more challanging due to snow which resulted in a 4-mile snowshoe hike.  But this is usually an easy 4-pointer and recommended for anyone visiting the Prineville area. 

Highland Flat is, well, very flat.  This makes it ideal for dispersed camping and it can accomodate family and groups easily.  If you're looking for a place in central Oregon to take a group for activating, this is a good one.  I went back up here in early May for the 7QP. 

The summit has filtered views and plenty of trees to hang antennas as needed. 

To get there take NE McKay Creek Road up to the big split with Forest Route 27.  Stay left on RT27 approx one mile to Forest Route 2705 - on left, crosses creek.  From here just follow RT 2705 up to Highland Flat.  From the road to the actual summit is an easy say 1/4-mile hike. 

Pics of my setup on the summit and camping nearby during the 7QP...